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Struggling to find the stamina to manage daily work commitments 
with quality family time?

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Longing to waking each day with energy and vitality,
ready for whatever the day may bring?

Boost your body’s own natural healing ability 


Unfortunately, many people today indiscriminately use and rely on strong painkillers and drugs to treat illness and disease that all too often have side-effects which weaken our immune system

Green Oaks Natural Medicine provides safe, non-invasive diagnostics and therapies to help you
regain control of your own health and wellbeing - and that of your family,
using natural medicine and healing massage

Our treatments work to restore overall health, rather than to simply suppress symptoms. 


We actively seek the underlying cause of an illness or condition, then introduce treatments that work alongside the body's natural healing mechanisms, rather than against them.

​​Combining nature's extensive healing powers with wellness advice and therapeutic massage, Green Oaks Natural Medicine is dedicated to helping you and your family achieve and maintain ultimate health and wellbeing.

We do this through a common sense approach to individual treatment plans using the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies, supplements, botanical medicines,  dietary and wellbeing remedies to treat illness and promote wellness.

​​Choosing a specialist who will -

  • treat you as a whole, not just your illness

  • treat the root cause of an illness, rather than just the symptoms

  • empower you to actively manage your own health and wellbeing

  • provide safe and effective options to pharmaceutical drugs for chronic pain

  • boost your body’s natural healing ability and use the least invasive diagnostics and therapies first,

means you give yourself the very best chance of ultimate health.

It just makes sense - so we ask, "why choose anything else"?

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